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Section Linking Not Working?

I’ve been trying to redo the footer for this, but the Locations and Services links don’t go to the specific section on the pages that I have set for them and I don’t know what I am missing…

The “locations” link is supposed to go down the the blue locations div under “Neighborly Offices” on the About page near the bottom, but it just stays at the top of the About page. Same with the services link which supposed to bring you to the blue services div under “Our Services” on the Home page. I’ve read the University stuff and other post on the forum, but it still doesn’t seem to be working and I would appreciate it if a fresh set of eyes could help me figure it out.

*Please note that the new footer can only be found on the “Cloud Solutions Revamp” page

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Thats likely because your locations section is title #about-Locations not what you have it set to. Double check your div ids and try it again. Also, make sure you add http:// before your url.

One other thing I’d also suggest is making the dropdown interaction way faster. it instantly frustrated me with how long it took to open and makes your site feel slow.

I’ve tried putting in multiple kinds of section id’s and none of them seem to do anything different…so I still don’t know what to do :upside_down_face:

Sped up the dropdown as you suggested

Did you add the http?

yes, I’ve added http and https and it still just takes me to the top of the page and not to the particular section on the page

Double check the section ID and make sure the url is the correct url from your published site, not the subdomain or any other version of the site.

I’m having the same issue!