Section highlighted when nav item is selected

Hello everyone, I am just getting around to finishing my website and I’ve ran into a bit of a speed bump. This pertains to tablet and cellphone screen sizes specifically. For some reason whenever I click a link in my nav menu and the viewport scrolled to it then the whole section is highlighted blue. Then, when I click a different part of my screen it goes away. It did not do this before i added different states to the nav links but since then I have reverted them back to how they were originally, but I still have the blue outlines. Also, this problem only happens in browsers and not the webflow prototype viewer. Any ideas on how I could fix this?

Please check out this link on a phone and click one of the nav items. Pay attention to how the section that’s linked to that nav item gets highlighted.

Thank you!

Howdy @lukas_kaiser and welcome to the Community :wave:

I checked on my Android device in Chrome but I’m not able to replicate the issue—nothing seems to be highlighted when I click any of the links.

What device/browser are you noticing the issue on?

Hmmm, I am currently viewing it on an iPhone X and I have viewed it both in google chrome and safari, both of which have the same issue. This is strange. I would like to upload a video I screen recorded but it’s not possible in this forum so I upload it on YouTube.

You can view the issue here