Blue line appearing on mobile when scrolling

This has happened to me on a few of my sites.
It appears on mobile and when screen is clicked, it goes away.
Can someone tell me what is happening and a solution to fix?
Thank you!

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Conrad Creative Agency

Does not showcase on Android Chrome Browser. This could be a Safari thing on iOS devices. It looks like the section is selected.

Can you see if this can be replicated using a different browser on your phone?

You are right, the section is being selected and doesn’t appear if in Safari, just Chrome. Any ideas to resolve for Chrome to stop section from being selected?

Sorry @dropship , did you say you see this in Chrome? I do not personally see it on my end though.

To solve this, I am not a 100% sure this would work but add this code in the head:

* {
  outline: none;
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Yeah, it seems only to appear in my Chrome app. This could help. I’ll give it a try. I appreciate the help!