Section fade in when link is clicked


Currently if you select “Team” or “Contact”, you have to watch the site scroll through the entire portfolio, which is long.

A long time ago, I built a site in Muse where I used parallax scrolling to have the content that is currently on screen fade out and a new section fade in when a link was clicked, with out seeing any scroll activity. I’ve watched several animation / parallax scrolling tutorials, but am not seeing how to do this. I toyed around with hide/show. But I’d rather each new section nicely fades in.

I’d appreciate any thoughts you have. I find animations in webflow pretty confusing, but am trying to learn. Thank you!

Here is my public share link: [LINK]

Hi. I wondered if it would help to show an example of what I’m talking about. I created this effect fairly easily in Muse using parallax scrolling. When you click a nav link on this 1-pager, one section fades out, and another appears, without any scrolling effect.

Haha—There are lots of issues with the design/ui of this site, but this is the effect I’m looking for. Is there a tutorial on how to do this? I’ve watched several animation tutorials, and know the answer lies somewhere there, but confused on how to set up and what settings to use.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Here is an example link: [LINK]