Next section/Image scroll reveal

Hi, I am a new user for webflow and having trouble even figuring out what to call this scroll effect. Here is the website:

Notice when you scroll away from the first section it reveals the next image (which is fixed in it’s position?) What is this called and how can I make this work on webflow?

Really appreciate help on this!!!

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@tlee Welcome to Webflow Forum. The effect is called Parallax. There are tutorials in the Webflow U.

Hello, I am not sure whether @tlee 's question was successfully answered. I have just re-watched the Webflow University tutorials but could not figure out how to recreate the scroll reveal of the next section from the bottom to the top.

Here is another example in the transition from Apple’s Ipad Pro hero section to the next section that is revealed from the bottom to the top as the other hero section moves out of the viewport:

I also found this example that does this for the footer but it is not set up to work for any other section than a footer:

Page Piling and Full Page snaps also do not seem to focus on just one transition between two sections: Scrolljacking in Webflow

Help much appreciated!