Beginner's doubt: why isn't scrolling or showing the whole content?

Hello everybody!

I’m a completely beginner in web flow. I have some notions about HTML and CSS, and I am a graphic designer. The thing is that there still are some concepts that I don’t totally understand about positioning, display, and some others. The thing is that I am trying to create my website portfolio, but I am having some issues over here. However, I will watch some long youtube tutorials where sites are created from scratch, but there is a problem that I don’t know how to solve:

In the “About me” page of my site, while I can see all the info in a wide screen (24"), some of this content disappears when I open it in my laptop (15"). To be precise, there are three sections in the about me page: About me, Capabilities, and Contact. As I said, when I open the site in my laptop, the last section (Contact) disappears, and I can’t even scroll down where it is supposed to be.

Does anybody know how to solve this? I would be so thankful. I still have a lot to learn, but I can see how powerfull webflow is as a web design tool. Probably I will pay the subscription as soon as I know how to properly design and adapt to the different screen sizes all the content of the 2 pages that comes with the free version.

This is the preview link. Click on the “About me” button near the logo to go to that section and see the problem I was talking about:
(Sorry if this is not the way of posting my link, I’m still a noob).

Thank you very much!