by Heco

Hey folks, wanted to share Heco’s latest with the community,—the business side of the iconic comedy school.

It’s by far our biggest Webflow project to date. It didn’t come without challenges, but the Webflow team and community was incredibly helpful along the way.


Happy to answer questions about development!



Site looks very nice. Your animations are smooth and the content is very clean but fun. I’ve got two questions and a feedback.

Feedback: Your navigation is acting strangely. When you initially load a subpage, the nav is there with a transparent background. When I scroll down, the nav flashes black before sliding up and off the page. It looks jarring and maybe you’d like to consider delaying the background color change until the nav has had a chance to animate off the screen.

Question 1: What did you use for your SVG animations?

Question 2: How did you get the job?

Thanks for the feedback! Agreed on the navigation issue. We’ve been trying to tame that area but can’t seem to get it to work perfectly / consistently with Webflow’s interactions. I am planning to spend more time finessing and hopefully I’ll find a way to iron it out, but based on how we’ve built the interactions it should be working properly… it just, isn’t.

  1. Freelance animators that used After Effects and Bodymovin to convert to SVG.

  2. Knew the right people, gave a fair estimate, crossed a lot of fingers. :slight_smile:

Outstanding work! Heco never disappoints :exploding_head: