Launched new design/freelance studio site, Heco!

My new studio website, Heco Partners, is live. Thanks to plenty of people on this forum for helping me through the rough spots, but overall I can’t express how great Webflow was in helping me build this.


Would love any and all feedback. And if you dig our vibe, follow us to see future projects.

Thanks gang.


this site is truly excellent! Congratulations :clap: :champagne:

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Truly beautiful work. One of the best things I’ve ever seen created with Webflow to date. Hats off to you guys, great job.

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Beautiful! I especially loved the transitions and the project views. I’m also in Chicago. Nicely done.

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Bravo gentlemen, this is one of the best studio sites I have seen created through Webflow! :grinning:

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Amazing & Inspiring…

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How’d you do the links so that the background image only moves on mouse over but not mouse out?

That required a little javascript in the custom code section. Here’s what’s going on:

        var x = 0;
            $(".preloader-wavy, .link-wavy:hover, .project-copy a:hover").css('background-position', x + 'px 100%');
        }, 20);

Brilliant, thanks so much for sharing. Makes a lot of sense…

Was this created through a template, or from scratch? How long did this take you to build? Looks great!

They built it from scratch. I did an interview with one of the designers.

Also here is how they did those sweet background transitions.

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