Secondary locale: some elements do not have the same class and therefore same appearance

Hi all,
for some reason the navbar in the secondary locale shows some elements with default classes instead of taking the classes and styling from the primary locale. It’s not consistent, as it’s only some links that show this behavior and not all.

It does look like a bug, but I am not sure if I am overlooking something.

This is correct class for all drop-down links (primary locale)

This is correct class (secondary locale)

This is a weird rogue default class I cannot change (secondary locale)


I’m having this same issue, can anyone look into this?

Happens here when you keep your language tag empty under settings :wink: which is needed for localization (empty) but it messes up particularly the switcher class. No fix as far as I know . But if you fill in the language tag , the styling looks great . But our language HREFs could be broken .

we have the same issue with grid. We wrote support weeks ago- they are aware of some issues with inconsistent styling - but no fix available yet.

(Webflow), Jan 24, 2024, 14:54 PST

This issue appears to be related to the way that CSS grid is rendering for secondary locales.
We are not able to make any style changes on secondary locales unless we are on an Enterprise site plan so there should be no differences between the two. Our team has received a few reports, but it is very few and we do not yet have root cause.


This happens in my website too!

Reset the current locale element. That also resets the CSS styling.