Has anyone noticed regressions when doing localization?

I’ve noticed something that happened a few times, I don’t know what caused it but in a few cases, certain strings in my secondary locale (Hebrew) suddenly reverted back to the primary locale (English) this mostly happened in CMS pages and in Symbols (mainly the footer).

Did this occur to anyone else?

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Yes, came here to ask about this. Main locale is English, first locale partially pushed out is Thai. Randomly, in collections, I see single elements randomly back in English. Thought I made a mistake, but the full collection entry was translated. Then, next I looked, it was fine. Not sure if I published it again, or not. You are not alone.


I am getting random blog posts switching from German back to English.
Did you write Webflow about this ?

I am also having this issue with all my components switching back from DE to EN… it’s very problematic as I put so many hours for my client and for nothing…

Same for me with all my component instances … I’m not sure what actions are responsible for the localization reset … I’m not even sure if the Webflow team is aware of this bug …

Hi everyone :wave:

If you experience any issues with your site’s Localization, please can you submit a support request.

We can help solve some of these rare issues that have come up on a case-by-case basis.

Delivering on a great and reliable Localization experience is a top priority for us, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch!


I went through the support process and we could actually reproduce the issue. It is hopefully fixed now.

Could you please share how it can be reproduced ? I want to test and make sure to avoid, till it’s fixed.

Hello @stecuraa,
we had a backup and live page in correct state, after the backup we made cms entry edits. These CMS edits (couple of new items + translations) caused the homepage secondary locale to be overridden with the primary language.

So essentially, arbitrary clicks in the CMS could previously cause deletion of content in other sections of the website.

The support team promised me, they found the click series that lead to the deletion and have fixed it. Unless it happens again I trust them.

@Ida_van_Jaarsveld it seems others still face the issue.

So I made contact with Webflow support and did my best to help them investigate the issue. Per their word, it is solved. On my end it seems like it indeed was solved.

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Same thing is happening to me with a client except in reverse.

The primary locale is French.

A cms item was translated in the secondary locale (English) and later the client went to change the date of the item and it changed the entire item for that collection in the primary locale to english…

What is the solution to do this? Everything my client goes to make an edit in the editor for a cms item, is it going to override the primary locale?