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Second post - website progress

Hi All,

I’ve been working my way though the tutorials and there are a couple bits I’m stuck on that I haven’t been able to fix.

one is my project work section, one of the images is below instead of being next to the other image section and my nav bar in mobile view on my other devices appears behind the image instead of in front. I had a play with the z-index but it hasn’t changed anything
also my mobile views need allot if work

thank you :slight_smile:

Here is my site Read-Only:

Very peculiar issue with that image. Doesn’t make sense why it’s doing that. Although, a temporary fix for the image is to apply a sort. Any sort will fix this current issue.

Also, try to understand when to use what styling. i.e. In your project work section, you have several column settings in one element grouping.

Your nav bar issue can be fixed by applying the above again. You have your logo set as fixed and not the section. Un-fix and un-Z the logo then fix the section and Z it to 10. The 10 just allows space between Zs. If you have a 1, you can not Z anything under 1. It will still be difficult to notice because the text colors are the same. Scroll to an image to see the effects or temporally change the section color to black.

May I suggest to not adjust the body too much. It’s the base that holds everything together and it can have adverse effects on the rest of the page. I would suggest only changing to color attributes then add and format your divs.

Thank you! the sort worked out perfectly for the images however I’m a little confused on the nav still. I appear to be making it worse