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E-Commerce Lightbox zoom on mobile

Is there a way to get the Webflow light box to work properly on mobile (for a product page). The lightbox works, but when you zoom in on a mobile device, the lightbox either goes to the next image or zooms in then when zooming out, shrinks the image and essentially breaks.

I have seen a few people ask about this before in forums but typical Webflow stated they were going to fix it and then never did.

Here is the site- Webflow - PPE Bikinis & Boardshorts

Here is just a live link of a product page- PPE Bikinis & Boardshorts

Bonus points if anyone can help with having their CDN not completely destroy the quality of an image. It is not normally a problem but with products with fine detail, the CDN resizing makes the quality so low that you can’t see anything.

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