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Search style / functionality from reference, link scaling

I am essentially learning Webflow through replicating the website because it holds a lot of the functionality I am after.

This is my main reference,
My website,

I am currently putting work in on the search function specifically I am trying to make the nav bar “clear” so that content scrolls behind it. While also making the search style clear using a shadow or border to define the text. Next I will get into the functionality of the search. I am trying to replicate OMA so ideally the text is clear with a border around, when a user clicks the type field comes up and as one searches results are live with each key stroke. The results would include tags from “project” pages as CMS objects (as seen for example under “work” heading on my site). I was wondering if I could also include tags from my tumblr page where I post inspirations acting as a sort of mood board. Maybe these results can be filtered if needed? Is this functionality possible? To include tumblr post tags from an account in my base website search?

I am also having an issue with the “breakpoint” or sizing of the heading text when going to mobile. Again, as per the OMA reference the text scales to take up the new width. Currently images (as per the main page of my site) do this quite well… and the index at the top does this to an extent… but only with two of the links and the rest disappear upon scaling down. How do I fix the breakpoint (new terminology I learned) in order to have all the links scale to the new width of the mobile device successfully.

Trying to start simple. The styling is extra but I think its subtle enough to add at the same time as the functionality.