Search functionality (feasibility)

Hello Webflow community!

I would like to add search to my site with the following set of requirements:

  1. Make the search bar available across the whole website
  2. User should be able to search any keywords or hashtags
  3. Provide autocomplete suggestions as users type their query, based on popular search terms and previously searched phrases.
  4. Display relevant suggestions related to the search query to help users find what they are looking for quickly.
  5. Display search results in a clear and organized manner, including titles, excerpts, and relevant metadata

I understand that the requirements are wide. And after touching the search functionality a little, I realized that apart from displaying information about the title, the link to the page and the description, there is nothing more to add. Perhaps I’m wrong. Also, it was not possible to set up a search on a custom static page (custom in the sense that the page is managed using javascript)

But maybe you can give advice on how to expand the functionality, recommend libraries, or just talk about your experience.

Thank you in advance.