Entirely search based navigation - live

I have a concept for my personal website that involves a search based navigation. when the user arrives at the site the first and only element you see is a search bar. As you type search results appear live to reveal pages and content.

Is it possible to do a live search like this with webflow stock or is an add-on needed?

Could search results have a hierarchy? For instance tags > image caption > raw text

Is it possible in the backend to track and record any and all text that is input into the search bar? This would allow me to best understand what is being searched for and even may start the influence the content I make / post.

Essentially my website is a sort of paste or mood board and even portfolio for my own “work” behind the scenes… but for a user accessing the website I want to them to be able to access quickly whatever part of that body of work they desire.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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But how will people know what’s there to search for?