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Search Results Showing Archived Items

Hi! Archived items in the CMS are showing up in my site’s search results. When an item is archived, I’d like for it to be “deactivated” and no longer show up anywhere on the site, including search results. Does anyone have any ideas on how to solve this? Thanks so much!

I’m using “Trivial Objections” as a good example of an archived item that shows up when searched.

Here is my site Read-Only:

Here is my live link:

Hi @Chase.MESH,

In Webflow, Archived doesnt mean deleted, it just means not active.

Only way to truly remove these items from search results without custom code would be to delete them.

Even with Google Email, when you archive an email it is not truly deleted until you DELETE the message.

Hope that answers your question. As I mentioned though, you should be able to do this with some custom code. And I did find an older post relating to your question a bit. Questions about archived CMS items

To remove them from search and view you might need to reach out to Webflow Customer Support and have them remove the archives from the cache. At least that is what I am interpreting from that older post. Not sure if that is still the case 2 years later. @cyberdave you have any thoughts on this, since you did write the response to it?

Happy Designing,

We had exactly the same issues and we were looking for a solution to that. This was the only forum topic we found that mentioned this issues. Later we found that the Search component has all these indexing setting. You can manually index it once a day or wait it to be re-indexed every 3 days (more frequently upgrade option is available). You can find these settings in the WebFlow Settings.

Thank you, this worked!