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Questions about archived CMS items

Hey there,

I’m about to add CMS hosting to my site, but have two questions regarding the maximum number of CMS items, as well as the CMS archive.

In the hosting plan overview ( it says that “2,000 CMS items” is the limit for the CMS plan.
If I want to run a blog with several collaborators, this limit will be reached at some point in the future. When I worked with the Designer I discovered an option to archive CMS items.

Once I archived a post, I saw that it got excluded from collection lists across the website, but what will happen to the post’s actual page? Will the content still be accessible through the given URL, even if it’s archived?
And will the archived post still count as a CMS item towards the 2,000 items cap?

Thank you for your help!

Hi @mhsys, thanks for the questions. The archived post is unpublished from the live site and under normal circumstances when the item is archived and the site republished.

In some rare cases, a page will need to be deleted manually from cache and contacting support can help with that. You will know this if you have archived the post, but it still appears as published.

The archived posts also count toward the item limit.

I hope this helps.

Thanks a lot, @cyberdave!

was wondering if this was still correct that archived items count towards the CMS limit.
i read somewhere recently (catn remember where) , that archived items DO NOT count towards the CMS limits ?

thanks much.