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Search Mechanism - is this possible in Webflow?

Hello, a client has asked for this, he wants users to be able to filter/find specific kinds of art – is it possible to achieve something like this in Webflow? Or a workaround?

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That’s not something that you can do in Webflow natively, but you can definitely do that with Jetboost. I just implemented a deceptively in depth search and filter system for a client at

Cost is super low, integrates perfectly with Webflow, works like a dream, and @cspags is a champ when you need help!


Just remember that when you load everything up (lots of items) on a page and then filter them, you can easily run into performance issues in the browser. There are limits regardless of the filtering scripts/solutions you use.

Hi Jeff, thank you for your reply. I don’t think it actually “filters” from loaded contents. I think it’s more like it chooses from a database.

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All Webflow pages consist of static content that is generated on publish. A reason why there are limits on the number of collection lists on a page. So any script that “filters” results is acting on the DOM and its elements. There is no connection made to the database where your data resides and a published site. Only in the designer / editor is there dynamic connections.

Thank you Kevin, I will look into this! You are a champ!

Thank you Jeff! I will have to look into some kind of workaround, or post a new question here - how to explain to a client that I cannot achieve what he wants! lol

Thanks for the mention and kind words Kevin. :blush:

The career search page you did is an impressive implementation of Jetboost!!

Useful discussion not only for me but I think others see this useful discussion for them as well, thank you!