Search Index bug?

I don’t know if it’s only me but my Search page is indexing website name if i search like ‘itaworld’, if someone can help it will be great.

I removed the Search from all the pages except for Products.

This is if i search normal

buut if i search the website name it come up like that and links me to the products.

Read only link

Live website

Your search page on that term currently shows up as blank, but @Stan noticed that the results you’re describing are still there.

If you look at the paths, you’ll notice they all begin with /sku/- and yes this appears to be a Webflow bug since the last year. You’ve used a CSS suppression approach very similar to the one I’ve recommended here-.

Webflow has indicated that it’s aware of the bug, but hasn’t indicated any plans to fix it.

Note even though these are suppressed they will still count towards the total results on that page, so if you’re getting these often, you’ll want to make sure your total results are maxxed ( 60 IIRC ) to minimize the impact of these extra phantom results.

Hi @memetican

I looked yesterday at the link you provided and it seems to work but i have like more CMS Collections for clients logo to display and others, i used the code you provided and duplicated for the cms collections and it works, if you know a way to shorten the code would be great.

.search-result-items > div:has(a[href^="/sku/"]),
.search-result-items > div:has(a[href^="/other-markets/"]),
.search-result-items > div:has(a[href^="/trusted-by/"]){
  display: none;

In my experience the /sku/ items are an anomaly and not tied to any collection, which is why they have to be suppressed here.

If you have collections slugged other-markets and trusted-by, you should be able to exclude those from search results directly, from the related Collection Page settings, which is a better approach. Remember it will take 3 days to update the index or you can force it to happen in 24h under search settings.

But if you need to suppress these in CSS as well, you can tighten it up a bit, it really doesn’t make a difference.

.search-result-items > div:has(
  display: none;