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Search box for CMS published collection data

  1. Created a search bar with a form.
  2. Action of the Submit button is a collection item named search.
  3. The collection item page will show a dynamic list filtered with the value of the search text input.

what would be the javascript for this?
Or are you guys working on adding a search module already, so we wouldn’t bother with code?


here’s where I’m trying this:

Hello @Anna_Kelian,

I’m going to recommend instead utilizing a Swiftype integration for now (it does all of the above items and is responsive):

Here are some previous forum posts on that.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I have used and tested the Swiftype integration with CMS/Data Collections and it works BEAUTIFULLY :slight_smile:

Thank you,


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Thx @Waldo actually I don’t need the search thing now, just wondering if it was possible for Webflow to include it now since the logic of it seems plausible now with the filters and such in the new CMS. I’m not good with code, but I’ve worked with code before and I think it’s possible with a simple javascript to generate a value to filter a collection based on a searched term as I explained in my original post.

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Has there been any talk or development on adding a search function to the Webflow websites? It’s one of the most requested questions I get from clients. Those that have to have search we’ve had to do on a different platform.

This is something we’re currently discussing and we definitely have plans to build this out. :fireworks:


I noticed you don’t have a search function on your platform and instead recommend a third party search tool called Swifttype. The problem is a basic Swiftype account starts at a whopping $299 per month! That’s hard to sell to clients. If prospects need search functionality we can’t use Webflow. Any thoughts on how soon you could provide us with search capabilities? Thanks!



It’s time you guys stopped being so cagey about when/if you’re going to roll out search functionality. Clearly it’s a major issue for a lot of users. At the very least a blog post or something to explain where you’re at with this would help us all out a lot.

Overall, I think the team does a great job of pushing out updates and informing users, but I’ve yet to move my CMS over to the platform for this very reason. I’m sure lots of others feel this way as well. I can’t bring myself to recommend Webflow as a viable blog option until this gets resolved.

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