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Search bar for only CMS contents?

Hey all!

Working on replicating a website for a company.
So they have publication/papers all set into their CMS.
And they wanted to be able to place a search bar on the publications page, to display only the found results (available in CMS).

I’ve tried to input all introductions of each publication in each CMS entry.
But I’m not sure at all on how to… use the search bar to only search on the CMS group.

Any help would be appreciated!


I haven’t tried it, but might be the way to go here. It’s not possible just through Webflow.

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Hi @Makiwitch,

You can restrict search to only index CMS items buy turning off search in the page settings of each static page.

Best Regards,
~ Brandon

Mmmm… but that would restrict all other search bars, correct?

I had initially inputted abstracts of papers into each CMS (text field) thinking it might be searchable. But I guess that isn’t possible yet :grimacing:?


Yes, if you restrict search on static pages it will be removed from other forms of search.

Specific restriction is not allowed natively. You could probably use custom code to limit search to specific keywords, but not sure that would be the desired effect.

Best Regards,
~ Brandon