Include restricted pages in Site search results

We’ve built a hub with articles for our clients, but these articles are only available for logged-in users. We want the clients to be able to search these articles, but the search section of these pages says it isn’t available because the pages are restricted.

Is there any way to make this work?

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I’m guessing you’re using Webflow’s User Accounts, so there are two main issues here.

  • Webflow site search automatically excludes these from search results, without giving you any options to change that
  • External search engine solutions cannot access those pages externally, so they can’t index them either.

Options that might work for you-

  • Switch to Memberstack. It gates pages using JS, so Webflow Search will still include them.
  • Customize your search results page, so that it does a search, and then also contains some limited article content ( title, description ) in a filtered view. You’d essentially combine search into a search+filter page using Finsweet CMS filter. Requires a bit of custom code, but the result could be nice- you’d have the article results at the top, followed by any general results. It would not search the article bodies however.
  • Build a special search solution using a reverse proxy. Unfortunately this would mean a complete duplicate collection with the exact same articles, unprotected. A pain to admin. Webflow would index this. The site search would show results. The CMS would override any requests to those pages by redirecting the user to the gated version of that same article. Actually you might even be able to use Webflow redirects for this. Hacky. Less secure for your content, but pretty good.