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Seamles Transition - Element position

Hi everyone,
I saw this page transition on this website If you click to the next project in the bottom of the page everything fades out but the heading which than slides up in the position it is found in the page it is linked to. It made me curious if this could be achieved on Webflow. I see there is a lot of Javascript in the code but maybe could be an easier way to achieve this.

I broke it down to three parts:
1 - Click ==> delay it with some custom Javascript till the interaction takes place (and this is ok)
2 - Fade out ==> Like a modal (fixed position) with a z index lower than the heading but higher than everything else (might work)
3 - Heading slides to the top and this is the main difficulty I see.

What happens on the next page is pretty easy with a loading animation.
If you have any suggestions I would appreciate it.


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