Animation once you click on the image

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I want to do once you click on the image portofolio over my website it will scale and after redirect you to another page.

for better understanding i create this video:



My shared link:


Because thats a very complex thing you will need to understand IX2 (Animations in Webflow) firstโ€ฆ
You fill find all what you need here:
(Its not so complicated what it seems at first glance :wink: )

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@Hani_Amer definitely possible, you should look at the Page Transition tutorial that @Matzinger linked for some simple JS to delay the link click and run an interaction.

What I would recommend doing is running the transition on click, then navigating to the new page where the image is positioned the same is it was when the interaction ended. Hopefully that makes sense, Super Duper ( does this with their projects and that site was built in Webflow.

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Really amazing replies and it solved my problems, really appreciated.