Is there a more elegant way?

hi people.
i have this transition/animation in mind for this web project…and after stumbling aroung a lot i think i found a good way of realizing it…but not sure if it is really the most elegant way of doing this rather simple concept.

you click the link and scroll down then you will see it immeaditly. i am happy with the visual result.

if you like to check it out and tell me a better way i would be really thankful. :smiley:

Here is my public share link:

To be honest, expecting people to go look at your readonly project in order to figure out what you’re talking about so they can determine whether or not they can help you is a bit of a stretch.

Try adding some pictures or diagrams that illustrate what you’re talking about. You’ll get more people to participate that way and the likelihood have an answer that meets your needs is much higher.