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Scrunched up text

I created two columns in my website, but when I placed a paragraph in the column, the text is scrunched on top of each other. Maybe it’s a small issue I’m missing, but I have no coding experience.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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@Alyssa_Bourne - welcome to :webflow_heart:

Please post your read-only link for troubleshooting.

@Alyssa_Bourne - it’s being caused by the Line Height property on your Body element:

Change 1.6% to something like 1.6 without any unit increment:


You can click to the right of the number to get a list of unit types:


It worked . Thank you so much!

@Alyssa_Bourne - no problem, would you mind marking the solution so that the thread is closed out?