Paragraph Formatting Issue in Column

Hello, for some reason only one of the paragraphs in my “Sales Trifecta” column is having formatting issues. The text is cut off and won’t show properly like the others. When I try to edit, It changes all the others as well that don’t need fixed.

Here is my site Read-Only: (Webflow - Ridgeline Media Marketing)
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Hey Ridge!
First of all, set your .column_details-wrap class to 100%
This will guarantee that the container size remains the full width of its parent.

As far as the text goes, try rewriting it in your CMS item, I don’t see any reason why half of it would be responsive, and the other half doesn’t break.

Hi @Ridge_Krauss here is hint why your text behave strange way and suggestion how to fix it.

TL;DR; you need plain text