Elements aren't showing full screen, when using text columns

I have columns and they show as I want in desktop, but they seem to have large margins set on the next smaller breakpoint, but the margins aren’t set to anything… loom below.

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Rovicare-new-site
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hi @Tanya_Sillitti1 your issue is related to your design by using columns. Columns should be used mainly and only for large text to be divided to columns as in eg. newspaper. Another use of columns in last few years when we have Flexbox and CSS Grid is redundant.

Anyway if you still would like to use text columns to dictate your website design you should change the setting on tablet as in image and this setting will cascade down to mobile. Be aware that any changes you have made on lower viewports will be persist so double check and reset redundant settings if any.

Reason for this behaviour is that you have set some ratio for 2 columns eg.8-4 and on tablet you have placed these 2 columns under each other without any change.

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Yes! That solved it. Thank you!

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