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Scrolling to Anchor Tag in Modal

Hey Everyone,

Working on a pretty straightforward website for a local restaurant. My plan is to display the menu via a modal pop up that appears on click. Sadly, in my attempt to make it somewhat functional I am have been running into issues getting the anchor tags on the left side of the modal window which are ‘menu categories’ to scroll to different corresponding sections of the menu items.

Any thoughts? Is this impossible?

Video Showing Issue:

Read Only Site Link

I don’t have experience on grids so there may be a way you can.
Links are for on page and it works when I pull your sections out of the grid.

Thanks @iDATUS, I’ll give this a try today.

Appreciate your response.

Let me know how it goes.
I keep the forum open most of the GMT(UTC) daytime.

So I have tried removing any Grid, Flex, or other layout styles and it doesn’t seem to change anything… The only way I can get it to work would be if I removed the absolute positioning on modal menu pop up, but then I cannot fix the position of the close button to the menu modal. Stumped still.

Seems to be working better or ok now.
Can you do a video or something to show what your not getting?
Also do you need grids?.

Here is a video that hopefully better explains things!

Chris, thanks for the time doing a great voice over video.
We had a phrase at my works, if its easy, your doing it wrong.

You didn’t show what actually happens currently when you click the link.

Now whilst you compose yourself after my last comment, I was thinking why is the menu the modal?

Thanks for the follow-up. Sorry if that wasn’t clear.

When you currently click the Anchor Links (burgers, sandwiches, specials, etc.) in the Modal Menu - nothing happens at all.

I am not sure what you mean by your last question. Do you mean why did I choose to do that at all?

Modal is an overlay and you are trying to navigate that.
To me the menu is the important bit and that should be the static page and the rest fluff on top.
So my question is what your reasoning for doing it the way you have.
And I am not saying you are wrong, just want to know the why.

I have not looked at your updated site yet, I am in the middle of editing a picture of me to go on my website.
And NO I don’t need to beatify it!