Scrolling not working

I can’t get my site to scroll. I have more elements and information down on the site but my “live” site will not scroll. I can scroll in preview. Anyone who has an idea of whats going on here?

Here is my site Read-Only: ****


You need to change your <body> overflow to visible.

Thanks a lot! That worked but now I get sideway scroll when the mountain in the front changes size.

Could you provide a link to the live site?


Thanks again for your help. Really appreciate it

You need to change the margin and positioning of ‘Image1 iphone’ to the following:

It was an issue with the margins pushing the content further than the body element. If, in future, you’re looking at making an element full width, you can use width:100vw.

Thanks! That fixed it even more, but the side scroll is still there after I scroll down. The nearest part of the mountain is growing in size when you scroll. When the mountain changes size the overflow takes place.

Ah, this is because your interaction of the hills is moving the body as it scales. Your hero wrapper class needs to have an overflow:none.

You will then need to move your iPhone and it’s logo out of their containers and use position:absolute to position them on the page.