Interaction fade in not behaving as it should

Hi there, hope somebody can see what the problem is here.

On this page when the page is scrolled down the content inside the green frame should fade in. This isn’t happening. If the browser is resized sometimes the opacity=0 content fades in.

Here’s what it should be looking like on scrolling down.

I thought that the issue was that the interaction being used is a Page Load interactions so have built a test using the ‘While Scrolling In View’ approach thinking that would fix things, but no, the same thing is happening. No fading in content.

It’s a pretty simple setup and I’d have thought the test would work fine. Can anybody see what I’m missing?

Here’s the Shared project.

Any assistance appreciated.

Ok, I’ve managed to get it working, so no need to trouble anybody with this now. There was some weirdness going on with a class on the body element causing issues. Not sure exactly what the problem creating issue was, but removing the class has solved this for now. Fingers crossed…

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