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Scroll up trigger

Is there a way to make an interaction that responds to scrolling up?

How exactly?

There’s a onScroll trigger in the interaction, you set it up on an object and there’s two sub triggers: entering the frame or leaving the frame.

So if you want to make something happen when you scroll up, it has to be linked to an event of one object entering or leaving the frame.

As if in the whole body, if someone scrolls up, it shows an element. To be precise, in all of the body except a Header section.

scrolling up… you mean up in the page of down in the page? Be more precise abt what should show up and when. Is it a navbar ?

Hi @terzista, The Scroll Triggers currently are working that they trigger when the element the interaction targets either enters or leaves the current view. What are you trying to accomplish with this? I am trying to think what kind of design needs to have something pop up everytime they scroll up, could you expand on that?

Cheers, Dave

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