How do I make a element appear when scrolled x PX down the page

Hey guys.

I have been playing around with the interactions. But I cant seem to get an element to “slide in” when the user have scrolled say 400px down the page. It’s a fixed element that should slide in.

Am i missing something? :smile:

Any help is appreciated! Thanks

You can use another element as a trigger for your fixed element to scroll in.

Place an element 400px down the page, like a 0px height section. Assign a OnScroll interaction to it and make it “Affect another element”. Target your fix element. Then OnScroll Out, make your fixed element appear.


Thanks Vincent, thats a great idea. I’ll try it right away!

All the best

I often use dummy (invisible) elements just as triggers for onscroll interactions. It’s much easier to get exactly what you want, especially in your case :slight_smile:

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Yeah I never thought of that! It’s a perfect fix. I appreciate it Vincent!

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