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Scroll-To on Page Load when link is clicked - Possible?

My client wants me to have a drop-down menu that has three options. Each option goes to the same page, but they want each link to have the site scroll to a section based on the link selected. I’ve seen this done before on Wordpress websites, but i did not know if this was possible with Webflow interactions. I believe it’s called a “Scroll-To based on link during page load”

Drop down Link - Get Started
Link - On Your First Visit
Link - Financial Information
Link - Patient Forms

When the user selects “On Your First Visit” It would just load the page, but when they select “Financial Information” it would load the same page, but it would scroll to the “Financial Information” section of the page. Same thing with the “Patient Forms” link

I attached a demo page to better explain. The options on in the “Get Started” drop down navigation link.

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Great. It seems to work. Thanks a bunch.