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Assume that you have a FIXED-DIV at the top of the screen.

Then you have (non-fixed) SECTION with content below it.

The SECTION has an ID of “INFO”.

And you have a FOOTER with a link.

When selected… the displayed view is scroll up to the ID assigned to the SECTION.

The problem… when the screen scrolls upwards… the SECTION is displayed under the FIXED NAV.

There must be a way to create an OFFSET. For example… OFFSET: 30px… the scroll will scroll to the ID + 30px beyond it.

Anyone know how to do this ? It can be done as an INTERACTION…
but the system I’m building creates these links dynamically.

Which means I cannot attach the link element to an INTERACTION.

Try giving a padding top value equal to nav height, to the body element.

tried that… it’s not just the top where the ID sits.

It’s every link that points to an ID.

So… for example - if you have div - id: T1, div - id T2, div - id T3
and each ID had a link pointing to it…
selecting the select will scroll up to the ID + the height of the fixed area.

Ok I didn’t see this earlier. If I’m correct, Webflow only binds to links on page load, not dynamically created ones after the page has been loaded.

Just have to write your own custom scrollto functionality…

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