Scroll into view interactions switch places

Anyone else experiencing their scroll into view interactions switching places in the designer? In my latest project my scroll into view interactions switch places in the designer so it goes from “scroll into view” to “scrolled out of view”. Sometimes actively changing the interaction on the live site, other times it is not effecting the site, but as soon as I change the interaction in the designer, the interaction does the exact opposite of what is says.

So let say that I find out that the designer says that the interaction is placed on “scrolled out of view”, and I obviously think to myself that was not what i choose last time. So i change it back in the designer to be “when scrolled into view”. Now when I push to publish the interaction is says that it is “when scrolled into view” but on the live site the interaction is on “when scrolled out of view”.

The only way to change it is to remove the interaction and re-apply it to the affected elements. But it seems to do this to new elements each new day I log into my project.

Has anyone else had a similar problem?