Scroll Functionality - Need URGENT help

Hi everyone,

I have a project with a very short deadline where a special solution is needed. Can anyone please tell me if this can be done with Webflow?

Reaching this section it should get “stuck” in place and the scroll shoud no longer scroll the page, but navigate trough the parts of this module. So reaching the module further scrolling switches from “Signal Service” to “Financial News” to “Education Center” and so on. Also, as you see, the titles have this effect, where they expand to show some more text. Reaching Statistics, it should then again scroll the page. I have seen stuff like this done a lot of times before, just not in Webflow. Any ideas?


Hi what you describe is scroll hijacking, which isn’t possible with Webflow only. Weblow allows you to trigger animations when a given object enters or leaves the view. No synchronization witht he scroll whatsoever. Also note that the scroll triger doesn’t produce any effect for mobiles.

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create a div that remains static on top of the page… outside of the elements.
positioning will be difficult though…
generally you do this on side “with dots” indicating which page is active.

when the page scrolls… the div updates.

Something like this (below) ?.. but in a different / centered position.
Scroll interaction updates the selected item ???

See here: