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Full screen scrolling website

I was wondering if there was any way in Webflow to use scroll triggers, or by any other means, to scroll users down to a fixed position on the page, or to a specific div

Take the Google Calendar app’s new microsite for example.

You can see that each time you try scroll down, you are smooth scrolled to a fixed position. To a new section, each showcasing an individual feature of the app.

Any suggestion appreciated of how to achieve this is much appreciated

In the settings panel, you can give any element (say sectin) a unique ID. Use this unique ID to link to a point in a page, using the in-page linking tab in the settings of any link (block, text menu etc)

Thanks Vincent. I have that working so that clicking a link or button will scroll down to a specific section. However how do i get it to work based on scrolling, so that a scroll will ‘link’ to a section on the page?

You mean, you start to scroll, and the page scrolls itself to the next point and sticks to it? We refer to it often as “scroll hacking”. Webflow does not support that at all for the moment. Neither it does support scroll interactions other than performing something when an element enters the screen… Well at the moment (:

Ye thats what I meant alright. I guess its not supported so. No problem, thanks for your help anyway!

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Has anyone solved this issue? (-:

Hey guys, This is a very popular request and we are definitely interested in tackling something like this - but no public eta on it.

You could try to use something like this, though: