Scroll effect/ scrolls to section instantly

Hey guys, could you help me figure out how to make a scroll effect like it is on the tesla site when/if you scroll down it instantly scrolls you to the next section and you can’t be in between them.

Here’s a Webflow example:

Use with care, this is probably not compatible with Webflow IX triggers such as anything scroll related.

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To echo @vincent - approach fullPage.js with care if you are intending to use scroll triggers etc using Webflow IX. I spent a lot of time trying to solve this, but ultimately ended up with a hugely buggy experience.

Minimal content, no animations? fullPage is great. For anything more complex than a slideshow effect? You can probably have better success simply using Webflow IX 2.0.

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100% correct.

We’re in need of a new scroll trigger that will bring fullpage.js capabilities to Webflow without affecting other triggers.

I did have some success by changing some of the script, but at the expense of a degraded experience when scrolling.