Scroll features jump to the wrong spot

Did anyone had this problem? The scroll works but it scrolled to a different spot than the one I assigned with the ID. Any ideas?

Please answer the following questions:

  • How are you implementing the scroll?

  • Please provide a public share link to the project designer interface

  • Please provide a published URL to your website

Hi Samliew and thanks a lot.

In this page the menu works well. Click on the white menu to see. Excuse
me for the Hebrew…
This is a duplication of the same page. It scrolls but not to the right
It’s planning project page.

Hi @LupoAsaf,

I would recommend to do the following things:

  1. Disable scroll offset when menu is fixed in Nav settings
  2. Restructure site a bit and put each section you are linking to, directly under the body.
  3. Make the first section of the page have an id of “help-home” and set the div type to Header
  4. Optionally create a Back To Top option (I find it helps)

I made video (sorry, I kinda rambled) :

I hope this helps!

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That’s great, Dave.
Thank you for the advice. Your video is super clear and helpful.
I will implement this. :slight_smile:

Hi Dave,
Can I ask another question?
I’ve created a tab in the second section of my site. It changes text for
each category and have a little bounce up when clicked. Sometimes, it
changes the width of the tabs for a reason I can’t understand. Sometimes it
does not start from the one I set as default. Please check the German site
(which gives me trouble) vs. the English site which seems to work fine with
the same component.
Thanks a lot.
Asaf Lupo

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