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Scrolling function of left fixed menu doesn't go to where I tell it to

My menu is fixed on the left so it can scroll through the different sections on the right to check out products, however, no matter how many times I change the position of the section Im direction the button to it doesn’t send it to where im directing it too, this has happened to me a bunch of times, I dont know how to fix it, please help

Thank you

Here is my public share link:
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Check the ID links of your Navlinks, some of them have the same one, besides I would change the ID section to be the Numbered Div instead the inside Div “IMAGENCATEGORIA”

Here are some screenshot trying to explain what you’re missing

I notice that your site is in spanish so if you need help in spanish as well let me know by PM.

Thanks Aaron, I fixed it It was the checkbox for not scrolling on the menu, thank you so much¡

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