My scroll menu doesn't take me to where I'm indicating it too

this is my site

I have been trying to make it work by changing the names of the section and trying to find out why it doesn’t work but I have no clue why it doesn’t send me to the section I want. It’s on the “Productos” page, the home works fine.

Could someone help me identify what’s wrong?

Thank you very much

Hi @lizmc,

I haven’t checked your preview yet, but in your case you don’t want to change the section names, but instead (under settings) give the sections a unique ID. Then link your scroll menu item to ‘a section in this page’ (also under ‘settings’) where you can find the ID you’ve just added.

Hope this helps!

I did that and I also tried to change the names because I put number as IDs before but its still not working, I don’t know if i should rebuild a menu :confused:

Change the hight of your ‘content’ div to auto by removing the ‘100%’ height style, that does the trick!

I got it, I had to check the no scrolling checkbox, my bad haha, thanks for your help!

You’re welcome @liznc !

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