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Screencast for VideoPlayer

Hello, guys! I might need your help with an issue that I couldn’t find the solution to. I am building a web app that will have a CMS with videos. I can’t find any video player that can screencast on a TV the videos embed from any external source (Vimeo, Youtube, etc…). Somehow, this feature is mandatory for my client. I really appreciate your time and help. Thanks!

Hi @Paul_Burca, thanks for your post and welcome to the community.

I am not exactly sure what you are trying to do, how is what you are trying to achieve different than screencasting the active browser tab? Most devices support that, i.e. apple airplay, google chromecast etc.

Hi @cyberdave, and thanks for your quick reply.

The app will be accessed from mobile and desktops. It’s a gym app with prerecorded videos. Users should have the option to send the videos to any SmartTV (especially from mobile devices). Examples: Netflix, Youtube.

Somehow, the video player should have the screen share button. I attached a screenshot below (2nd button from the right).

Hope, this time I was more clear as I don’t even know what should I have to look for. Many thanks! Screenshot 2021-09-30 at 18.34.42

Hi @Paul_Burca, thanks for your reply. Webflow does allow you to use custom code on the site to create external integrations.

A good category for these questions is in the Code Help category here in the forum.

Webflow allows to use custom code in the following places:
1. In the Head or Footer of custom code in Project or Page settings
2. In a Custom Code Embed element placed in the page body on the canvas
3. In a Rich Text field in the CMS

I would probably next check out the Cast Web Sender API, this or equivalent kind of thing probably is needed: Setup for Developing with the Cast Application Framework (CAF) for Web

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Thank you! I really appreciate your help!

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