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Google Hangout help

Hello everybody. I’m not really a developper so I have some trubles with this. So if I have a website with people that offers online consulting, I want to add Google hangout in each consultor profile. So the client can talk to him directly with Hangout but from my website. Is this possible? I found something about a hangout button i google devellopers but no idea how to do it here.


I dont know if I explained myself right :smile:

An other question! Isnt there a video chat feature included in Webflow?


Hi there @ollo, thanks for your question, it is a good one :smile:

We do not have Google Hangout or Video Chat capabilities built as standard widgets in our Widget library ((YET)), but the good thing is, you can still use Google’s Hangout developer API to accomplish this in your Webflow site.

Here is a very comprehensive documentation page from Google, which shows the scripts and markup your page would need in order to accomplish this:

Now, as you will see on that page, there is lots of ways to actually code this kind of thing, but for simple usage, I would do the following (and bear in mind, this have to be also tested once you get the code setup):

Step 1: Add the Google Hangout plaftform javascript link and rendering script to your Before Body panel of the Custom Code section in Site Settings:

    <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

<script>'placeholder-div', { 'render': 'createhangout' });

Step 2: Next, you will want to place a DIV where you want your Google Hangout button to be shown on your page, and give that DIV a unique ID of “placeholder-div”:

<div id="placeholder-div"></div>

Save and re-publish your page. Now your Google Hangout button will appear where you have placed that DIV.

Some more advanced settings from the Google Hangout developers guide, allow you to create a list of Hangout invitees and starts a Google Hangout App session when you click the Google Hangout button. You can view that documentation yourself on the Google Hangout page above.

If you need help from a coder, you might check our Freelancer section here on the forum, or you might take a swing at doing this yourself. In any case, you can always feel free to ask questions, here on the forum. I hope that gives you a direction to look into regarding Google Hangouts. Thanks for using Webflow ! Cheers.

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Great! this works! I’ll read into it im a fast learner :smile:

I Have another question nothing to do with it. I would like to put a form on my website, but once you hit SUBMIT, this takes you to another page only if you have completed all the mandatory inputs, is this possible?


Hi @ollo, great nice to hear :smile: About the form redirection to another page after successful submit, you can setup the form redirects by putting the page that you want to redirect to in the form settings:

Does that answer your question on the Form redirection? If you want to redirect before the form submission is complete, then you would need to add some kind of own javascript validation code in the Custom Code section of your site, and use some kind of Blur() function which can detect when your mouse/keyboard input exits a particular field. You would have to code this yourself though, or get someone to help you who is a coder, and familiar with javascript.

Cheers !

Great! This was really helpfull Thank you very much!

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Hello there CyberDave. I know I asked this a long time ago but then I had to stop trying because i had other things to do.

So I had the google hangout platform in the before body.

Then i create a div block in one of my pages and put the same unique ID but I cant visualize the button when i publish my site.

Do I have to add an embed code to the page?

Plase could you or someone help me?

Thank you very much.