Schema markup JSON-LD for REVIEWS

Hi all - trying to determine the best way to add schema for Google reviews that appear on our Testimonials page (so that I don’t have to manually add each time).

Can schema be added to a static page that automatically updates each time a new review is added?
a) if yes, what’s the best way to do this?
b) if no, what are the options for adding a review property? Would it be nested under a CollectionPage?

@matthewpmunger @aaronocampo is this something you’re able to advise on? @Siton_Systems I’ve been reading some of your very helpful posts on schema - do you have any recommendations re: schema json-ld for reviews?

Thanks very much for your help, Fiona.

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I’m assuming you have the content in the CMS. If not, you’ll need to resolve that first, so that you actually have the content to generate your JSON-LD with.

If you haven’t sorted that yet, you’ll need to setup automation to achieve that, on Zapier or Make, and create the CMS items as new reviews come in.

Then, you can just drop in a custom HTML block inside of of a collection list or on your collection pages and place your JSON there.

Note, Webflow does not JSON encode the embedded fields, so it’s possible to break your JSON by having un-escaped characters. I’d recommend double-quoting your JSON strings so that single quotes in names don’t invalidate your data.

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Thanks so much for your feedback. Our Google reviews are hosted on a static page - embedded using ElfSight widget. I’m very new to schema… I think part A is HOW do I create the JSON-LD to reference the reviews (that automatically appear on the static page)? Then part B is where I’d add it.

Yes that’s why I put the CMS goal first. It’s the only real way to have control over your review data.

You might get lucky in that Elfsight could have an option to generate the JSON+LD for you. Otherwise you’d have to wait for their scripts to run and modify the DOM, and then run your so modify it again.

And that’s if you’re lucky… if they use an IFRAME approach, you likely won’t be able to access any of your review content.

I’d start by simply trying to access the Elfsight-generated content in your page. If you can, you’ll have a starting point, but all of this will be post-processing which means you’d have to generate the JSON+LD using script. That should work, but it’s not considered ideal for SEO.

According to Google’s docs, JSON+LD can be script-generated and I’ve been building and testing a library since Nov. So far, Google’s not picked up any script-generated JSON+LD. But part of that is that test cycles are long- it takes weeks for Google to pick up changes.

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Thanks for taking the time to provide a detailed response. I really appreciate your help and feedback.