Schema markup CMS - JSON-LD

Hi All

I followed @Siton_Systems step-by-step to successfully add schema markup to our blog CMS - thank you. I’ve followed the same process (adding dynamic fields) for our team member CMS but isn’t detecting any items.

I’ve also copied the exact basic breadcrumb schema that’s detected on the blog CMS and pasted it into the team member CMS head tag (changing only the relevant fields) and isn’t detecting it on any of the team member pages (but is on the blog pages!) - so perhaps it’s not so much about the schema itself?

This is the “Person” schema I’ve added:

note: I’ve just used the words ‘dynamic field’ as an example

Any thoughts why isn’t detecting this (or my breadcrumb schema)? Thank you for your help.

Share link: Webflow - MFM - Melbourne Functional Medicine
I hope I’ve added this correctly @webdev ? :point_up_2:

How would one look at your issue with no resource being shared to view it? If you check the posting guidelines you will see what is missing.