Google jobs - CMS Schema


I am creating a jobs page using cms & associated cms template. Anyone give me some tips on how to add this schema. If we can come up with a solution I think it will be helpful to other webflow users who also post jobs on their sites.

Here is the schema

It’s just adding custom attributes to the elements (see Microdata tab). However custom tag attributes does not support values from the CMS, so you’ll need to use embed code block instead.

Thanks so it is possible from the sounds of it. Possible to give me an example of how to add as not experienced with adding attributes and webflow university did not really help me. Thanks

You can’t add CMS-linked custom attributes to elements, as mentioned in the link above.

Use embed code block with HTML elements with custom attributes like these (copied from your link):

<div itemscope itemtype="">
  <meta itemprop="specialCommitments" content="VeteranCommit" />
  <h2 itemprop="title">Software Engineer</h2>
    <p><strong>Location:</strong> <span itemprop="jobLocation" itemscope itemtype=""><span itemprop="address" itemscope itemtype="">
    <span itemprop="addressLocality">Kirkland</span> <span itemprop="addressRegion">WA</span></span></span></p>
  <p><strong>Industry:</strong> <span itemprop="industry">Computer Software</span>
  <br><strong>Occupational Category:</strong> <span itemprop="occupationalCategory">15-1132.00 Software Developers, Application</span>
  <br><strong>Hours:</strong> <span itemprop="employmentType">Full-time</span>, <span itemprop="workHours">40 hours per week</span>
  <br><strong>Salary:</strong> <span itemprop="salaryCurrency">USD</span> <span itemprop="baseSalary">100000</span>
  <p itemprop="description">
    <strong>Description:</strong> <span itemprop="hiringOrganization" itemscope itemtype=""><span itemprop="name">ABC Company Inc.</span>
    seeks a full-time mid-level software engineer to develop in-house tools.</span>
  <ul itemprop="responsibilities">
    <li>Design and write specifications for tools for in-house customers</li>
    <li>Build tools according to specifications</li>
  <p><strong>Educational requirements:</strong></p>
  <ul itemprop="educationRequirements">
    <li>Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, Information Systems or related fields of study.</li>
  <p><strong>Experience requirements:</strong></p>
  <ul itemprop="experienceRequirements">
   <li>Minumum 3 years experience as a software engineer</li>
  <p><strong>Desired Skills:</strong></p>
  <ul itemprop="skills">
    <li>Web application development using Java/J2EE</li>
    <li>Web application development using Python or familiarity with dynamic programming languages</li>
  <ul itemprop="qualifications">
    <li>Ability to work in a team environment with members of varying skill levels.</li>
    <li>Highly motivated.</li>
    <li>Learns quickly.</li>
    <ul><li>ABC Corp provides top-tier employee compensation benefits and a relaxed, team-oriented work environment, including:<span itemprop="jobBenefits"> Medical, Life, Dental</span></li>
        <ul><li><span itemprop="incentiveCompensation">Performance-based annual bonus plan, project-completion bonuses</span></li>
  <p>If interested in this position, please email us your resume, along with salary requirements and a cover letter to Jobs@abc.123.</p>
  <p>Date Posted: <span itemprop="datePosted">2011-10-31</span></p>

Thanks, wish me luck…

Hi @RoseWebStudio, you can also use json-ld in the before body section of custom code on the dynamic template page settings, it may be easier, here is an example using some business schema, you can just switch schemas and use the same method:

This is the method I use and it works well without having to do a ton of work on modifying individual elements.

I hope this helps!


Thanks cyberdave. Gonna give that json-ID a go. Quick questions if I may.
Do I add the code to the header or body of the page?
Or do I use a custom embed?
I assume I can pull the specific data item in from the cms? Do I have a to add all the items in the json schema or can I leave certain ones out if I do not collect that data item?

Thanks for any advise or maybe examples on how you have used it to help me (I wanna get this right and learn from an expert like you im not worthy)

Realised that you cannot use rich text fields in cms tag fields, only plan text, is that right?

But will this method pull the data from the CMS? If yes how is this possible, we have already signed values to the fields. like: “amount”: {
@type”: “MonetaryAmount”,
“currency”: “USD”,
“minValue”: “25000”,
“maxValue”: “90000”

we already have set the values here.

Have you found any solution to this??