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Schema for search help

Hi :wave:

Looking for some help with this -

Trying to get google ‘search box, to show up in google results


The specific help I need with the code is what goes in the target field?

Here is what google has within their example.

@type”: “SearchAction”,
“target”: “{search_term_string}”,

So what url goes the target field?

Hope that makes sense…

Thanks in advance

Hi @RoseWebStudio, thanks for the post, in general, you would replace the part in the code to the link to your own search page:

You can do a search on your own site, then copy the page url to get the example.

I hope this helps

Thanks speedy…that was a quick reply, cheers. So it’s just the url of the search results page, didn’t think it would be that simple. Let’s do this…