Help needed with Strucured Data

Hey fellow developers,

I’ve stumbled upon a problem recently and I need your help. I have spent the last week researching strucured data and how it works but no good results have come from it. My question is how do create and implement these smaller links (from Image) trough Webflow. I saw many video on doing it with WordPress with plugins but not a single one with Webflow. Have any of you had this issue before, and if you did how did you solve it.

Thanks in advance!

If you can find an example of a WP site that is rendering in Google SERPs the way you want, it’s relatively easy to look at the HTML and JSON+LD and use the same approach in Webflow.

Without the exact URLs to examine, I can only guess- and to complicate things, the presentation is notably different in your screenshots v. in English-market versions of Google SERPs.

For your topmost example, I would guess it is from JSON+LD. It looks to me like it defines a course record.

For the lower examples;


It looks like a variation of the People Also Ask (PAA) feature. Site owners cannot control that directly, but you may be able to influence it with the Question & Answer JSON LD.