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Scheduling events

I believe I know the answer to this but I just wanted to ask if anyone knows how to schedule cms events so they display (and then automatically remove) based on a publish date and expiry date.

Example. I have a club with a series of events lined on specific dates and want them to list and unlist on a date specified.

Thanks in advance

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You can try to do next:

  1. Add “Publish date” ( and “Expiration date”, but I would not use) fields to the event template.
  2. On the page whenever you want to show up announced event add dynamic list with filtering by that dates.
  3. Set up filter to show items with publish date as many days from today in the future as you want.
  4. If you want them show up few days after event happened then add also filter by “Expiration date” but with option “… days in past”

Hope it helps.


Apologies for the late reply.
This sounds great and will give it a try.

Thanks for replying. Much appreciated.

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